Though in reality true love is more about you than about me

Though in reality true love is more about you than about me

The only statement that defines unconditional love is the only thing I will ever need is all that you are.

Todays world is all about expectations,greed,self centric behaviour and materialistic values.We all want to have a partner who is more like a show piece with below avec values/morales rather than a genuine pure soul.These so called relationship is just like return of investment be it time,monetary gains or tolerant behaviour.

It is about caring and sharing the sorrows of the person whom you love with zero expectations.You are there by their side in their pain and being happy seeing their happiness irrespective of they being yours or not.It is just about seeing an imperfect person perfectly.It is also accepting the bad side of the person and caring about their heart.Unconditional love has no boundaries or limitations.It is communication between two souls without the use of mobile network or social websites.

In short,Unconditional love is expecting nothing in return even when they are in our prayers everyday!Believe me,it truly exists.

My thoughts!

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1) The biggest gift you can gift someone is Time.

2) Tough times dont last forever; tough people do!

3) Never give up great things take time

4) Money cant buy you everything!

5) Rejection gives you the pen ultimate success.

6) Anger and love are on parallel lines.the one who has anger is only capable of loving.

7) Actions speak louder than words

8) let someone be your companion in sorrows rather than in happiness.thats unconditional love!

cacher leurs emotions

We human beings have been gifted with different kind of feelings.It is a real perception to a relation.To show or to hide these are the two major aspects of a days the emotions are much better expressed in the form of emoticons rather than our own expressions.

These emotions are sometimes confusing or we tend to confuse ourselves as to how to express is relatable but we are deceived by these emotions either by the person in front of us or the kind of relation we share with that individual.sometimes hard to express with a heavy heart and sometimes expressed to lighten the to express it? That is a difficult task!

I personally believe that expressing it is better rather than hiding it.

Faire mes rencontres avec Grace a amour..

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Amour meaning Love-the most high rated, wonderful four letter word, taking everyone on the seventh heaven is one of the strongest bond connecting can be measured only by a pure is clean, unconditional,non momentary and immortal.the best way to assess is when two individual stand the test of time or when in a difficult situation.

It is a feeling which itself gives happiness even if one sided and if on either side it becomes a motivation to live a life.we humans are always in search of true love but in reality we are in quest to find a pure soul.

Marriage is the true destination of love.Respect,trust,care,love are the four pillars of marriage.but my personal thought is even if the other three pillars break down, love is enough to carry the relation to its destination.

People say we fall in love but in reality we rise provided we get a right one.

Faire mes rencontres avec Grace a obscurite!

Our experiences put a lot of impact in our daily life.we assume things and judge with respect to previous incidences.some experiences are a learning curve while some put a mark in our life.somehow we keep on dwelling between these two in daily life.

Once a positive thought always a positive one and once a negative thought it will take an ample of time to turn it to positive.

We humans attract negativity very fast as our lives thrive on the dark side.there is no one on this earth who has not seen this darkness in their lives.but ultimately it is the darkness which makes us who we are.

Mes rencontres avec Grace a values!

We humans are considered to be the most creative and intellectually strong species among the class of mammals.but the question is are we using it appropriately or g fing up our sentiments!

Being powerful intellectually makes us emotionally weaker, more dependable on others and anticipative.we hide our feelings just because of the fear that what will the individual in front think about us and when we care t much it is termed as nose poking or being curious! What an irony.

Apart from that the biggest enemy of ours is EGO; I, me and mine are the three famous words to determine ego which further adds to the p l of emotions.

If this is the way we handle our sentiments and thought process then where is the place for words such as caring, protective and loving?

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

G d company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. Izaak Walton

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